A Life Without You

A Series Of Poems

A Poem By: Martina Garcia



you are a flower, he says

you stand beautiful and tall for all to see

what a compliment that is


i have grown from nothing

i have dug my roots deep into this world

i have embraced the suns warmth and grown from the brightness around me

but what happens when my beauty is noticed

will you pick me and stop my growth

will i be kept in the middle of a room as a welcoming sign

something that will boast your appearance maybe

but as the days pass and i am kept from my roots

a petal will slowly fall

i will no longer stand tall

when the sun is no longer worth reaching for will you find another flower

a flower in bloom

a flower that will stand as tall as i did


you will go through an entire garden before you realize

we are better off in the soil


i am a flower,

but i am not your flower to pick

i am my own garden.