A Life Without You

A Series Of Poems

A Poem By: Martina Garcia

a life without you


being with you was like painting a picture in reverse

in the beginning we were eye catching art; the kind of art people hang in museums, but with each stroke that picture faded away

it started off beautiful, something everyone wanted, now not so much

i used to write papers about how artist put a piece of them in their work, that is what you did to me right

you shaped me into a beautiful mold, into someone worth loving, but as time passed i lost my shape, along with your interest

there were millions of lives we could have lived, but you chose one without me

and although the sky is gray, the sun still shines through the clouds

the world continues to spin

love songs will still play on the radio

but they have no meaning now

you were everything

but now i am alone, living a life without you in it